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Marc Cheatham

Marc is on fire, hitting $7,000 in only a month’s time by joining the FItpreneur programme. Before joining the programme Marc seeked guidance from another coach to help him succeed in the online fitness world but it didn’t work out as he had hoped.He claims the straightforward and simple to follow programme in Fitpreneur was exactly what he needed to build such a strong empire of his own and start seeing some results. Check out this video to know exactly how it made it come true!



Timothy James

Coming from a history of being a full time employee in the finance industry, Timothy is killing it while earning $10k a month solely based on his own online fitness business! TImothy went from zero Instagram experience to now receiving over 600 new followers everyday, all through organic growth. His passion and the massive support of the Fitprenuer community, his tribe, helped him to achieve those goals in under 2 months!



Cam Macdougall

Cam describes his time with Fitpreneur as ‘a journey and a half’. In less than 60 days he is making big bucks earning more than $10,000 a month. The strategic formula and experience was what helped the former high performance coach working internationally at his maximum capacity to build his online inbody fitness empire more efficiently. The coaching Cam received allowed him to maximize that capacity and business further than he could ever imagine!



Lydia Magnoli

Starting out hesitant and on edge regarding whether or not it will work, Lydia took a leap of faith on both Logan and Fitpreneur Academy. Now as the sole owner of a sustainable 6 figure online fitness business earning $10k a month she plunged through her fears and faced her hesitation head on! She is now a well established transformation coach for women internationally helping them build confidence and by getting lean at home.



Shaun Sidey

Shaun started off needing direction on where to go and how to get there! He needed a laid out step by step process and that's exactly what Fitpreneur brought to the table to make that happen! Now him and his girlfriend Jen are working for $20k/ month with their business called Healthletic guiding many others as a health and mind transformation coach! Want to be like them? Then your time is now!



Kylani Hauparoa

Kylani was certain he had the potential for building his online empire however, achieving that was the real struggle. Upon joining Fitprenuer, right off of the bat Kylani hit it big, earning $10,000 in his first month and it has only been growing ever since! His niche mainly focuses on helping individuals lose weight all while enjoying the food they love. Wish to know how he did it? Keep watching!




The confusion and lack of experience in the online fitness business is what attracting Nik to seek help from Fitpreneur. The strong support and love she received from both the academy and the community of like minded people motivated Nik to build her own customer-base, blueprint and generate real 100% organic leads.



Life for Cody before joining the Fitpreneur Academy programme was a little all over the place. Alongside being a Keto coach with a special nickname, ‘The Goat’ he is also dad who juggled both homeschooling his son and the bread winner of the family he was not earning enough. So, taking the strategic guidance  of Fitpreneur, Cody managed to build his own niche, learn to market himself professionally and gain long term organic clients. Interested to know how he did it? Check out this video.



Eddie McLaughlin

A young entrepreneur of age twenty-five who only started as an Instagram influencer hits big after joining Fitprenuer! Eddie strategically used the rapidly growing fanbase to create an online fitness empire of his own providing the ‘natural aesthetic physique’ that young adults and college students wanted all through some guidance on strategy, discovering his unique selling point and how to make his business, ‘Eddie’s Fitness’ stand out in the market. Wish to know more? Keep watching!



Reece Holt

Reece, a low carb coach and nutritionist from Texas, has found some great value in the Fitpreneur programme. Before joining the online academy he was a man of great ideas but no pathway to guide him towards that success but the group and 1-On-1 calls helped Reese step out of his comfort zone and build his own path towards a successful online fitness empire! Now he aims to help others transform their brain and body in the same way he did for himself!



Arnesto - Killer Health Body

Starting on a journey from being overweight and having hypertension to building a super healthy nutritional keto diet which is being followed by many others today. Arnesto has come too far to turn back around now and Fitpreneur definitely played a big part in giving him the confidence, trust and guidance he needed to make it all come true! Originally having no aspirations of coaching or fitness, Fitpreneur has helped him to grow into the inspiration he is today!



Julia Rene

Julia Rene, originally a full time employee at a salon, finally made her dream come true after joining Fitpreneur. She is now a full time online fitness coach that helps women transform their bodies and bulk up in the most natural way. With Julia’s 100% faith in the methods and teachings of Fitprenuer she is now a stepping stone to many other women who wish to feel confident in their own bodies through lean bulking and body transformations.


William Mills

William Mills, a 27 year old online fitness coach was running aimlessly towards his dream of success without a clear direction on how to achieve it. Upon reaching out to Fitprenuer he is now the owner of his own successful empire with a strong clientele and uses enhanced strategies to generate an organic customer providing a sustainable and flexible lifestyle to follow through fitness, nutrition and intermittent fasting methods.



Daniel - Alpha Strength Therapy

Daniel, the owner of Alpha Strength Therapy, is the definition of hard work and motivation led by true experience. Before joining Fitpreneur Daniel was simply a personal trainer with no experience in online fitness training. Today, his unique science based workouts and corrective exercises has made him the owner of an online fitness business with a net worth of $10k a month. All with the special touch of dedication and hardwork under Fitpreneur!



Tiny Fit Jen

Going from a start-up business to a confident owner of her own online fitness empire Jen proved herself in the industry as a transformation coach and a RNP Nutrition Specialist who helps women feel confident in their bodies. Jen is proof that hard work and dedication always leads to greater paths. Watch how Jen leveled up her game to earn $10,000 a month through working at home! With the correct blueprint and help from the programme Jen is now a popular health and fitness coach to many others as well!



Morgan Thomas

Working as a fitness trainer she was dragged by the corporate business for years and overworked on little pay. It took 6 years of hard work for Morgan to finally switch to online coaching post Covid-19. With goals in her mind she was unaware of how to turn them into reality and lost on what path to take. Now, with the help of Fitprenuer Morgan is almost earning $10,000 a month and growing at a rapid pace consistently! Check out her video to see how she made it happen.


Micheal Athunrase

Coming from a football background, Micheal was only earning $2300 a month before he joined Fitpreneur. Now earning almost $10k a month, he has managed to create his own unique blueprint (niche) and implemented the meticulous and realistic training he received from Fitpreneur to build a business earning $10k a month. All in the span of only 2 months!



Stuart Tait

In only four weeks of joining the programme Stuart proves to be the hidden prodigy of FItpreneur. Being a level 3 personal trainer and an advanced nutritionist he manages to earn $2000 per week! Learn how he was able to implement the education and coaching he received to make the impossible possible!


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